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    How to download paid applications for free from the Android Play Store

    Sometimes looking for specific applications in the PlayStation Store to be surprised that they paid, or available free copy but it is not complete. In this post will show you a legal way to download paid applications for free via the application. APPVN

    All you have to do, is go to the PlayStation Store and choose the application you want

    I will give an example here through the game Minecraft

    When you log in to the application, you go down to the bottom

    Pressure on the Post button.

    The pressure on the icon application APPVN.

    Wait a bit and you will emerge the program interface.

    Then press the download.

    This will pop up a window asking you to you to register, you can just press the button Close

    Then will be loaded

    You can see all the applications downloaded via the icon at the top


    - Loading may be slow somewhat in some cases, but will be loaded at the end.

    - The application of a large number of applications supported but sometimes may not be available on some of them!

    - You can download applications that do not support the party of your own version of Android on your phone.

    Summary: Beautiful application, I hope that benefits all Distinguished Brotherhood.

    You can download the application from the official website of here