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    The very best 3 features available on the stylus Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    In the last few days, Samsung announced the phone Galaxy Note 5 as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge +, so that it was published this news Code of Professional previously .. on the whole sync with this event today we will devote our time to phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and exactly S private latter Pen, as it will give you the 5 most important features that are available to this magic pen!

    1: extraction method Pen

    There are a lot of users of Walnut who suffer from the extraction of the pen is Ed is Aschraj pen by dragging with the necessity of availability on a long fingernail somewhat, Samsung and mind to this matter corrected its mistake and made the extraction of the pen is very easy and that making it as a button press it and come out the pen easily fully.

    2: material for pen manufacturing

    The same special pen previous versions of the notes became with Walnut 5 of the metal, put it in your hand when you feel that it is somewhat heavy and also how to catch in hand be comfortable.

    3: Writing on the screen is locked

    Among the most important things that comes out of your S Pen Balnot 5 is that it allows you the ability to write by pen and are closed, you can type the phone number of your friend or anything and saved in the form of notes without any difficulty .. When extracting the pen is taboo Phone the ability to write directly to him and is in the case of the lock.