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    Reveal the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and spare them the Internet using your phone

    You may want to someday detect connected devices with you in the same your network, and even more than that it wishes to disconnect from the Internet and do not know how? Today in this topic will share with you an application running on Android inadequate and to refer the application needs the powers to order your root works well.

    Application Name Pixel NetCut WiFi Analyzer and is a free application you can download it from the link you'll find the bottom of the post, after the application is loaded and access to it you click on the Scan button and begin examining the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to it to show you all the devices that connect to the same network and shows you some information specific to each device.

    Way disconnect from the Internet on any device, disable drag it to the left option to become red, method is very simple and uncomplicated as well if you want to revive the Internet on that device are enabled this drag to the right to appear green as you can find out important information about Connect as Ping, for example, and the Port etc .. and all this in detail.

    Link download an application: Pixel NetCut WiFi Analyzer
    How do you get validity Root: Click Here