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    $200 surcharge for Made in America iPhone could solve Apple's big problem, according to one analyst

    It seems that the controversial new US president, "Donald Trump" policy will not only affect the social, political or economic field but also on the technological level, where it is known that Trump wants to resettle smartphone technology in American industry for US companies that rely on its suppliers factories in China, led by Apple.

    Donald Trump has promised Immediately after his election to force the US technology giants, led Apple to transfer its manufacturing from Asian countries, particularly China and resettlement in the United States and demonstrates this decision in the context of the vision of US President Trump to strengthen the industry and the economy, Americans by his motives.

    However, this decision will be especially poignant for Apple, where it is known that the choice of world-class technology to China firms primarily due to operating and efficiency hand licenses, so the cost factor contributes a lot in Apple went to China for the manufacture of smartphones in the partner Taiwanese "Foxconn" factories, and it seems that the decision Trump expected may cause the company's major problems.

    It is known that the phones Apple is among the most expensive in the market, because the company provides high-products cost and technical competence, although it manufactured in China, but experts warn that the localization of iPhone smartphones industry within the United States may cause a significant rise in their prices because of the cost components and labor, which could raise the price per device by adding estimated between 100 and 200 US dollars.