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    Download videos from YouTube and Instagram and Facebook, Tumblr, without software

    There are plenty of social networks that allow users to share videos and among these networks, there are YouTube along with site Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr and Vimeo and many other platforms, and at the same time, despite the fact that these networks allow post videos, but it does not provide its users the possibility to download these videos and get them, for this, the user always stays in the need to use third-party tools to help him download videos and in this post we will share with you a very powerful tool.

    The tool is not a program, but rather just a site called dredown, and is a very special site and easy terms of use, where you are after access to a dredown site by clicking on the link at the bottom of the entry you will find a storefront in the following form:

    It also notes in the side menu of the site it supports download directly across many social platforms, and to download video from any social network simply click on the quality of the network, whether YouTube or Facebook or Instagram and others and then the box will appear to put the video link:

    After that click on dredown then I will show you download the video in MP4 format and after pressing the button will quickly be loaded high video quality and clarity on your computer.

    Site Dredown